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Believe In Yourself | The Power of Positive Thinking

How often do you doubt yourself in a day, picking away at all your flaws? How many times have you surrender and became the prisoner of your own misery? I once read in a book called “The Universe has Your back” by Gabrielle Bernstein, where it talked about how the universe had your back and…… Continue reading Believe In Yourself | The Power of Positive Thinking

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Lazy Weekend Essentials | Staycation

Every once in a while we must have ourself a little staycation. Give ourself some time to wind down and really relax. After-all, of all the things you have to do, there will always be more…so wind down and give yourself a chance to recharge. Being an introvert, I think I often find myself in…… Continue reading Lazy Weekend Essentials | Staycation

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Beginners Guide to Minimalism

Over the past week I came upon a video shared by a Facebook friend on a documentary, Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things. I was inspired to declutter and simplify. I found this idea to be quite soul soothing. It’s kind of like unloading a burden spiritually. I wanted to live a more simple…… Continue reading Beginners Guide to Minimalism

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5 Ways To Stay On Track This New Year | 2017

Just like that, 2016 delivers us right to the doorsteps of 2017. Behold, as we reflect on the past year. Some of us might cringe a little that this years resolution was last years goal. Whether you were ready or not to be thrust into the new year, the adrenaline is running high and we…… Continue reading 5 Ways To Stay On Track This New Year | 2017

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Finding Comfort In This Cold Winter | New Year

I’ve been so sick but have been enjoying the snug sweaters,tea, and the on-and-off snowfall. I feel like it got piercing cold quick this season and I can’t quite seem to escape the sickness that has been going around. I’ve been drowning myself in cups of tea, one after another. Mainly because it keeps me…… Continue reading Finding Comfort In This Cold Winter | New Year

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Travel Essentials For The Road

It’s ‘fun in the sun’ season and I’m sure many of you are traveling to many places. Regardless if you’re traveling near or far, it’s always nice to be ready for the unexpected. This past month, I was booked all weekends from traveling back and forth between states to see families and I think by now…… Continue reading Travel Essentials For The Road

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Accepting & Embracing | Life Talk

Well, hello beautiful people! I know, I’ve been MIA (missing in action). So much has been going on, with family and everything. But the real reason is I’ve been lacking motivation. So I took some time away from my blog to recollect my thoughts because I felt like everything was lacking purpose. Nevertheless, I feel…… Continue reading Accepting & Embracing | Life Talk