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Believe In Yourself | The Power of Positive Thinking


How often do you doubt yourself in a day, picking away at all your flaws? How many times have you surrender and became the prisoner of your own misery? I once read in a book called “The Universe has Your back” by Gabrielle Bernstein, where it talked about how the universe had your back and all you had to do was tune into the vibration of the universe and truly let it give back to you. The keyword ‘energy’ was emphasized throughout the whole book setting the message at how important the kind of vibe we set off was. Whatever the energy we put out into the universe is what reciprocates back to us. I was so inspired by this book that I wanted better for myself and did more searching on self development books and stumbled upon a book called “The Power Of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale.

The cover of the book wasn’t anything eye catching but two colors that didn’t seem to quite compliment each other, red and yellow. I had thought about how the colors would throw off the theme on my instagram if I had used it in a flat-lay photo. I was judging this book already.  My inner weaker self was trying to find the excuse not to purchase the book. You can say I was a skeptic. I thought there wasn’t anything I can read that wasn’t anything I already heard that can enlightened me so much. The reviews won me over and maybe I was a little desperate for answers for myself.

At the time, I felt so lost and uninspired and it seemed everyone around me was doing what they were meant to do. Everything was going for everyone but me. They say, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”…little did I know the magic concealed inside. I was so inspired in the first chapter I was compelled to read more. As the message from the book enveloped me it had me thinking about what kind of energy had I been putting out into the universe and how I was going to change it all. I pondered those few chapters and though I’m only three chapters deep and no where near finishing the book yet, I felt like spreading the positive effect it had taken on me. I felt, though, the message may be small it couldn’t wait.

In the first chapter of “The Power Of Positive Thinking” it talked about believing in yourself. I thought, what a great start! A simple strategy, yet the main foundation controlling all energy flow. Whatever it is in life that we are trying to conquer, we must first believe in our own self and gradually work from there. Success comes from believing in yourself and we have the power to change directions in life as we change the thoughts in our minds. Oh, how far you’ll go after learning to love and believe in yourself. There is no limit. Clearly, it’s not easy. Had it been, we’d live in a harmonious world! Just like learning how to play a new sport or instrument. It takes practice. Some might say practice what though? Practice positivity. Train yourself to be resilient enough to pull yourself through anything with the power of good thoughts and remaining optimistic. You can do so by praying, ask for guidance, strength and courage.


Self confidence leads to self realization. It is an important mental attitude we must continuosly remember to practice. When you are confident you are able to believe in yourself and by believing in yourself you are able to perform well. Whatever is it, happiness or success, it all leads back to the first stages of you believing in yourself enough to take those brave steps that will lead you to victory. You may have continuously heard people tell you or someone else to believe in yourself and it sounds like something you should tell someone. It has been said so many times we sometimes lose sight of the meaning connected to it. I hate to be the second person to tell you again, but it is as simple as it sounds, it is the tone setter for your next step to success. It sets the vibe, the positive energy in you that will determine the outcome. You just simply can’t jump start to the second step never having believed in yourself. Just keep in mind that the power comes from within, its starts with you, it always has.

Though, I convey the message to you from my readings, I’m am no perfect being. I, too, struggle as you. But shall we continuously be inspired to keep moving forward always.

I leave you, my dear readers with love and confidence. Blessing each reader to find the strength to choose happiness every time. To feel empowered with positive thoughts and spread it everywhere you go so that people will feel your good energy and be so inspired and affected by it.



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