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Beginners Guide to Minimalism

img_3738Over the past week I came upon a video shared by a Facebook friend on a documentary, Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things. I was inspired to declutter and simplify. I found this idea to be quite soul soothing. It’s kind of like unloading a burden spiritually. I wanted to live a more simple life so I don’t lose sight of true happiness and the “important things” in life.

This new year I thought it was the perfect time. Of course they say old habits die-hard but that doesn’t mean we have to do it all at once. Starting small is always key to a successful transformation. So I wanted to share some small steps to being minimal:


Budgeting And Spending Less

First off, I think it’s important to budget on spending. Being in control of what you bring in can be a big step to helping with what you have to declutter at home already. Of course, this is one of my biggest problem but making the decision to spend on essential needs over things I want must be taken.

Donate Clothes/shoes You Don’t Wear

Don’t we all just find it so hard to let go of that shirt or pair of jean we think we’ll one day fit into. Saving something because we think will come around to wearing it. I say, just let it go. If you haven’t worn it within the past year, throw it out.

Every time I want to declutter, I always start with my clothes and shoes. I honestly feel like clothes and shoes are the easiest things to hoard. This also makes it a good time to donate and/or sell items that are still in good conditions. Why not make a few bucks?

Declutter Your Storage

Get rid of any hoardings you literally don’t need. Once in a while I like to go through my closet and sort out things I’ve kept in boxes. These are things like extra shoe box, miscellaneous little things: old notebooks, old mail, pens/pencil, etc.

I also go through my phone and delete any; photo duplicates, extra empty albums, clear my delete album, and delete old apps I don’t use anymore, etc

Declutter your kitchen cabinets of old expired snacks, your nightstand, work desk, living room, etc.

Clean Out Your Makeup Collection

This is something I like to do every once in a while to clean out old and expired makeup. Throw out any makeup I don’t use anymore. This is something I’ve always done before wanting to be more minimal! Skin care is an important part of my life so throwing out expired makeup is important to keeping your skin healthy. Of course makeup isn’t cheap, but you can always give away any unused makeup, do a giveaway contest, or simply regift or sell them.

Travel Lightly

One of my biggest problem is over packing for a trip. I stress out on what outfits and shoes to bring that I forget to relax and look forward to the trip. I think it’s important and helpful to pack exactly what you’ll need. Don’t over exaggerate and pack too many outfits and shoes you won’t wear. I think planning your days and outfits will definitely help a bunch in being compacted!

Picking up travel size items will save you a ton of space in your luggage as well. I can’t stress how much space just my skin care items take alone! Of course not everything comes in travel sizes so it’s always helpful to do LESS too and try to simplify your skin care needs and makeup as much as you can when traveling.

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