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Finding Comfort In This Cold Winter | New Year


I’ve been so sick but have been enjoying the snug sweaters,tea, and the on-and-off snowfall. I feel like it got piercing cold quick this season and I can’t quite seem to escape the sickness that has been going around. I’ve been drowning myself in cups of tea, one after another. Mainly because it keeps me warm and soothes my congested sore throat.

Hot tea alone couldn’t possibly cure all my winter problems. I’ve been enjoying my little travel friendly humidifier. I kept telling myself I needed to invest in one this winter but luckily I won this one at a white elephant game this Christmas. Seriously, everyone needs a humidifier this winter! Sometimes I’d sit there and just breathe into the puffs of air flying out of my humidifier. It’s quite therapeutic actually, makes me feel like I’m better already! Besides the help of a humidifier, nothing like taking some Halls every so often to calm the coughing down a bit. I swear, it’s been my breakfast, lunch and dinner! (Not literally) but that’s what it felt like.

The cold always call for more indoor activities. Does watching Korean drama count? Well, it’s something to do (Lol). Ok, well aside from watching my favorite shows, as, I’m sure many of us enjoy doing, I also enjoy reading. My choice of genre has changed up a bit. Maybe because I’m getting older. I used to love reading only fiction, even though I still do, I’ve enjoyed indulging into self-development books and reading blogs. I know, I’m sounding so old and boring right about now but really, it’s the simple things. I tried audible over the past month and I hate to say it’s just not for me. Sorry to sound so ancient again, but I just prefer a book in my hand. So I called it quits, and ordered some books.



So, I’m not big on the whole saying, “New Year, New Me”. I just feel like if you want to start something, you should have started it. But, if the New Year gives you a little motivation in changing things up, go for it! I mean, after all, it is a good time to reflect and review what has happened over the past year and pick up some new hobbies or work on current ones. I think it’s always best to start small. Often times, I think people feel the need to change over-night because there’s so much adrenaline going into the “NEW YEAR”. Don’t feel discouraged from setting a small goal first to pave the way because most resolution fail from having too high of an expectation. It’s healthy to allow yourself to start from the beginning and really see a development instead of trying to start from the middle and not being ready for what-ever the challenge. The first few stages are always crucial whether it be big or small, all success needs to be built on some type of foundation, and I feel that is preparation and planning.

None-the-less, never feel discourage! It’s never too late to start something. Of course I didn’t mean you can’t dream big or set high goals, but small steps and a plan is key. Wishing everyone the best out of this New Year! Let me know in the comments what are your New Years resolution and cold winter comfort and necessities!


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