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Skin Care Grabs For the Winter


It looks like summer finally packed its bag and is heading home for the holidays. Thank goodness for some cold weather already and of course if you have dry skin like me, well…looks like its going to get worst in this cold.

With that being said, a little bit of magic from some skin care products can help us have the best of both worlds this season. I started looking into some skin care for the winter. I am starting early. I don’t want to be half way into winter with some coarse-grained skin and then trying to pull it together mid-way through that crisis. Oh! No, thank you!


So as of lately, I been loving beauty oils as an alternative to keeping my skin hydrated. There is such a versatile use to beauty oils and I can’t lie, with this dry skin I can use a bit of a glow, please! I picked up Boscia Tsubaki Beauty Oil because I’ve only heard good things about this oil. Tsubaki meaning “camellia” in japanese which is said to be responsible for the iconic smoothness of the geisha skin and samurai hairstyles of the past. Wow! So, yes please, give me some tsubaki!

I feel like beauty oils penetrates deeper into my dry skin and keeps my skin hydrated for a longer period of time. Although I absolutely love how hydrating this oil is, I wouldn’t wear it under my foundation right away. You really got to let this oil seep into your skin or else your foundation will be slippin’ and slidin’.


Along the way, I picked up a new eye cream to try out. Of course, the under-eye is the most sensitive area and shows the first signs of aging so I had to get something for my eyes. I came upon Farmacys Eye Dew Total Eye Cream. It’s a thick, scent-less cream and a little goes a long way. My undereye has been feeling really supple in the morning, so its doing its job! I love the packaging and the whole idea behind the brand. I would definitely repurchase this one!

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