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Sunday Riley Power Couple Kit | Luna X Good Genes

imageSome people search for the fountain of youth, some people like me.  My skin wasn’t always bad. Within the last year I experienced a bad break out and even after the recovery it seemed harder for my skin to recover after a little pimple. I believe as I age my skin had a more difficult time recovering. I’m about to be in my mid 20’s and figured it was a good time to up my skin care and incorporate some retinol. After restlessly searching and researching I decided to give the Sunday Riley Power Couple Kit a try. Its been a hot product, so why not!

Instantly, the morning after using the duo. My skin felt dramatically more supple . The most noticeable change was how smooth my skin was. I felt like my pores were non existing by that next morning. Prior to using the duo I had some dark pigmentation scarring from a skin peel I did a few weeks before. After about a week and a half I noticed the pigments had lighten a little. I really love how the Luna sleeping oil feels and absorbs. Some nights I would go without even applying a moisturizer over it because it’s so moisturizing already. The best thing about the size of this Luna bottle is how much product you get! I’ve used this EVERY night for almost two months and im not even half way done yet.

I absolutely believe in the two duo being better together. The Good Genes lactic acid gave such a natural healthy looking glow. I’ve worn it under a foundation once, and it gave me a really nice glow. I’ve used this with one pump every night and it was able to last me almost two months!

All in all, I would definitely purchase the duo again! A lot of people had a problem with the scent but I actually didn’t at all. I actually kind of like it? The Luna sleeping oil smells like black licorice, but to me it just smells very herby and the Good Genes Treatment actually smells good though. Smells like lemons!

Sunday Riley Power Couple Details:

0.5 oz Good Genes Treatment-Exfoliates, moisturize, and smoothes fine lines

0.5 oz Luna Sleeping Night Oil- Reduce pores, fine lines and sun damage

What it is formulated WITHOUT:

Luna Sleeping Night Oil is not safe for use during pregnancy. Good Genes is safe to use during pregnancy.



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