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Travel Essentials For The Road


It’s ‘fun in the sun’ season and I’m sure many of you are traveling to many places. Regardless if you’re traveling near or far, it’s always nice to be ready for the unexpected.

This past month, I was booked all weekends from traveling back and forth between states to see families and I think by now I’ve learned a thing or two about being more compact when packing. When traveling on the road I like to carry a big purse. This way I can fit a lot of things and have everything I need right away. Another important thing I like to bring is a small pillow. Sleeping on the road can be a little rough without a pillow and I always end up looking like a beat up zombie when I finally arrive at my destination. So I always make sure I have a travel pillow with me.


Besides bringing a pillow, you wanna make sure your travel bag is packed with essentials and things that can keep you busy during the long hours on the road. Essentials like:

Face Mist– to refresh and hydrate the skin

Ear Phones– to listen to music/block out noise

Chapstick– Keep your lips moist

Camera– Capture memories along the road

Book– Read a book to kill time?

Face Sheet– De-puff, hydrate

Phone– Of course, we all know how busy our phones can keep us.








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