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Skin Care To Do In Your 20’s


The 20s. Ahhh…many things happen to us in this stage of life; like growing up, having fun, finding ourself, and exploring the world. Unfortunately, things like skin aging as well. They say wisdom comes with age. While that being true, can we just age by number and still keep the wisdom? Luckily there’s some regime you can do now in your 20s to maintain youthful, healthy skin.

1. Healthy Diet

Don’t we all wish there was a magical fountain we can drink from and stay forever young? Well, we can imagine healthy smoothies as a magical drink. Nurturing our skin from within is just as effective. Keeping a healthy and balanced diet can help us glow all the way from within. One of my favorite smoothies to drink every morning is a green smoothie that includes: Avocado, mangos, pineapples, spinach, and banana. It’s full of anti-oxidants and vitamins that help in cell renewal, production of collagen and removing toxins.

2. Getting Enough Sleep

We’ve all heard the term “Beauty Sleep“, and what comes to mind is someone waking up after a full 8 hours of sleep just lookinig hydrated and glowing. Well, even if we’re not shining a ray of light after a well rested night, for sure there won’t be any baggy under eye probs to deal with. Lack of sleep can cause stress, stress causes breakout, one thing leads to another and it just gets worse. So get your beauty sleep!


3. Moisturizing

Moisturizing is a must! It’s almost impossible to escape wrinkles without moisturizing. It helps keep your skin supple and radiant. Dry skin tends to age faster so don’t skip moisturizing.

4. SPF

Another one of those, “If you only do one thing, do this” saying. Use an SPF with protection of both UVA and UVB. SPF protects against skin cancer, age spots, as well as help slow down the process of wrinkles and aging skin.

5. Drinking Water

There are other ways to keep our skin hydrated. I’ve noticed a dramatic difference In drinking water through out the day. It really helps my skin maintiain a healthy radiance.

6. Adopt A Good Cleansing Routine

Cleansing the skin plays an important role in better skin. When you have a fresh face to work with, your skin care products absorbs better. Not to mention the main reason of cleansing away dirt, oil and other debris that can clog pores and cause breakouts as well.


7. Include A Good Retinol Cream In Your Skin Care Routine

Many Dermatologist believes Retinol to be the number one ingredient to youthful, healthy looking skin. Retinol (Vitamin A) boost collagen production and helps in healthy cell turnover which is important in developing beautiful skin. Since retinol comes in many forms, do your research before purchasing a retinol cream that can be fit for your skin.


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