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Lazy Weekend Essentials | Staycation


Every once in a while we must have ourself a little staycation. Give ourself some time to wind down and really relax. After-all, of all the things you have to do, there will always be more…so wind down and give yourself a chance to recharge.

Being an introvert, I think I often find myself in a staycation situation a little too often! But it’s not such a bad thing. I really like spending time alone and doing things that are therapeutic, so I know a thing or two about how to enjoy a staycation and have on hand some handy essentials.

1. Movies

Movies are traditional for staycations. Have on hand some of your favorite classic movies. Movies like Harry Potter, Lord Of The Ring, and Titanic are great classics to last for a movie marathon.

2. Face Mask

We know a staycation is not one without a facial mask. Gather some friends and have a facial party, or you could enjoy it by yourself to some relaxing music and candles. I love winding down to a face mask, so refreshing. If I’m going to stay in, this is definitely one of my top things to do.


3. Snug Throw Blanket

Weekends are all about comfort if your staying in. Love snuggling in some plush throw blanket while reading, browsing the internet or watching my favorite show. Invest in a comfortable, plush throw to keep by your bedside or draped over your couch for when Netflix call for a chill night!

4. Books

I think this is one of those things everyone should do more of. Whether it’s a newspaper, blog, book, or magazine. Its nice to find some downtime every once in a while to read. Learning something new or interesting is always good food for the brain.

5. Snacks

Snacks…what is a lazy weekend without some munchies? Really though?! I love snacking on some finger foods while watching my favorite show or just simply sitting around browsing the internet, so its definitely a must have.

6. Nail Polish

I like to take this time to refresh any chipping and peeling nail polish. When is a better time to paint your nails than on a lazy staycation weekend? Its the perfect time. I’m in no rush, I have nothing else planned so that only means my nail polish is going to turn out perfect without having a bunch of things to do and worrying about it not being dry enough.

7. Comfortable Clothes

I mean, unless this wasn’t a staycation…slip into some comfortable clothes that allows you to easily move around. After all, comfort is key.


8. Candles

I think everyone should have a favorite go-to candle scent. Since comfort and therapeutic is key, I love a room filled with my favorite scent. Let alone, I think the sight of a candle is warming and comforting.

9. Exercise

Another great time to get in shape and relax. You don’t have to do any hardcore training. How bout some zen music and yoga?

10. Board games

I think board games are a great old-fashion way to bond with friends on a staycation. I remember playing monopoly so much as a kid with my siblings and neighbors and it was so much fun! I think with technology nowadays, board games are a little neglected.


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