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Photo Editing Tips | The Perfect Selfie

So here I am, spilling all my photo editing secrets! I know there are people out there who is just so against photo editing they will go to the ends to preach natural beauty. But this is not just about photoshopping. This is about quality and theres nothing wrong with enhancement. Let me first say that I am no professional and is just simply sharing tips and tricks that I use to achieve a quality portrait, or as we call it nowadays, selfies.


First, and most importantly, LIGHTING IS KEY. It is the foundation to a good quality photo. I can’t stress this enough. Taking a photo in bright natural light will help give your photo a clean look. When your photo is taken in good lighting everything falls through. It makes editing so much easier and to my surprise sometimes I have less editing to do.

Try taking your photos near a window that offers you a good amount of light. If you’re in a situation like me where light is forbidden from shining in your room because someone works graveyard and needs to sleep in the day so you have your black out curtains all hung up or you live in a constant rainfall town and the lighting is always…eh… Invest in some lighting tools! It is guarantee to level up your photo quality.

Some popular lighting tools are softboxes that offer a more natural lighting and wide coverage. A ring light is also great and is highly used by many beauty bloggers. I’m currently using the Limo Studio 700W Softboxes.


Unfortunately, life isn’t always picture-perfect and sometimes good lighting isn’t enough. Technology has been at the speed of light and a lot of editing tools are available to anyone who has a smart phone, ipad, ipods, or any smart devices. So take advantage! I want to say that lighting and angles play only a percentage in a quality photo. Its definitely a foundation to build on but what comes next is the editing that brings a photo to quality and perfection.

Luckily, my camera allows me to transport photos immediately to my phone via wifi, and there, I do all my editings on a app called FACETUNE. This app, has been life changing! I love it. Although it is $3.99, you can find other alternatives that are free in the app store and offer the same features, such as, Airbrush, Instabeauty, etc.




Probably my favorite feature from this app! This feature is really quality changing. Say, I did a make up of the day look and my eyeshadow consisted of some glitters that is poppin’ in person but the camera did it no justice. I can easily use the details feature and bring that glitter to life a little more. This helps intensify it.



My most used feature! I like to put out quality photo and most of the time the focus of my photos are makeup looks and this patch feature helps remove any blemish or pimples that might be taking away from the main focus of the photo. This also creates flawlessness.



I like to use this feature when my skin is a little rougher in some areas. I feel like dry patches are more intensified on camera than in reality sometimes, so this is a nice feature to just soften things up. I like to use a tapping motion to maintain a natural finish.



So its common to use this feature to whiten teeths but I like to use it to whiten any white background that may have came out a little dull or dimmed. Unfortunately even in the best lighting sometimes a white background can still show up a bit off white.



I like to use this feature to even out any uneven tones. I rarely use this feature but recently the brown in my hair started showing up again in some areas and Ive started using it to tone out the browns in my hair.


As if I haven’t done enough already, Instagram also has a great built in editor that I use often. I usually like to use the saturation feature which helps intensify colors. Another feature I use is the sharpen feature that helps make things sharp and crisp.


So there you have it! My photo editing secrets. Geez, I’m feeling exposed! Haha! But I hope you all learned something. Theres is no shame is this game. I love editing and I love quality. It has nothing to do with low self esteem, my main focus is the point of a photo.

Happy editings!


2 thoughts on “Photo Editing Tips | The Perfect Selfie

  1. That’s so great!I love editing photos and I must admit that these tools really make a better difference and put more emphasis on our unique traits!
    By the way,you’re beautiful!Stunning make-up!


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