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Who am I? And Why Am I Here

Who am I? Just a 23 year old, normal gal with a passion for beauty. I feel like I’ve tried a lot of things along the way in life; like sports, singing, trying to learn the piano and guitar, knitting, painting, and I’m not super good in one thing. Im ‘ok’ at a lot of those things. Only because I feel like I like learning new things. Theres so much to learn and do that before I’m good at one thing I’m already trying to do the next. I just move on.

I like to touch base with everything but I feel like the one thing that really stuck was my passion for beauty, thats a bit broad, but to specify it, I’m quite the make-up enthusiast! I know, some people might be like-thats it? But really, I don’t just do my makeup. I practice it. I practice the art of mastering everything, from the wing liner, to blending, to perfecting flawless skin. I’m not perfect at it, but it’s something I enjoy doing in my free time.

Makeup is like painting, except on yourself. It is live art. You see it come to life and everything beautiful before is amplified to another level. It’s that short moment of perfection that is satisfying. Not that you shouldn’t feel perfect or beautiful bare, but that’s the thing- whatever you don’t like you can fix it. I mean that with life in general as well. You can always change things.

Of course, a flawless application comes from healthy skin. This leads to other passions. I love skin care. I love natural home remedies. I always find it most effective and natural. I love reading and learning about other peoples skin care routine and incorporating it into mine. I love learning the ins and out, the dos and donts. Eventually I learn a lot from other people and from reading blogs, and thats my other hobby, I love reading.

Whether it’s a book, blog, or quote. I like learning something from what I read. I feel like people should read whenever they can. I love the idea of always learning new information. So maybe thats why I’m here. I’m here to share and to learn. Simply. I don’t know everything. I won’t, because learning is a life-long process. We learn as we grow and go. And I feel like I’m better at expressing myself in words on paper- in writing. So for everyone that comes by my blog, I hope you learn something, and I hope to continue to learn more from others and be inspired endlessly. 💜


Sincerely, Kay.


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