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Beauty Mistakes Not to Make In 2016

Hello Beauties! We are still so fresh into the new year it’s the perfect time to start making some new habits and send the old habits packing back into 2015.

Here are some simple beauty mistakes not to make this year so that you can be the best version of yourself!

1. Sleeping With Makeup

We all have at least been guilty of going to bed with full face makeup on. No matter how tired you are, always take off your makeup before bed. That way, you can be free of any overnight build up and other debris that can clog up your pores.

2.  Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

To get the best out of your products, make sure you clean your brushes consistently. Using the same old worked out brush might not blend so beautifully as it did in the begining before all that product build up on it. Not to mention all that bacteria it may have picked up over time that can be causing you to break out.

3. Bronzing

Bronzing is such a popular beauty technique in faking a sun-kissed look. But lets make sure not to over do it. We want to make sure the kiss is believable and not like you’ve been sun wrecked.

4. Using The Same Concealer Shade For Everything

We’re so set on the idea that a concealer “seals”. Although it does, the same shade concealer is not for sealing everything. To conceal uneven skin tone, use a yellow concealer. To conceal those dark under eye circle, use a shade thats more of a peachy salmon color. This will help cancel out any blue. To conceal redness, use a green shade concealer.

5. Applying Makeup In The Wrong Lighting

Sometimes, all we got is the dim yellow lights in our room or bathroom mirror, but try to apply your makeup in natural light. You may have at one point applied bronzer or blush in the wrong lighting thinking you got about the right amount on only to find out once you stepped out of the house that it could be a little much or less.

6. Forgetting to wear SPF

Unless you literally wear makeup everyday and your foundation has SPF, always use a sun protectant moisturizer even on the days you don’t wear makeup and is just running errands. Rain or shine, SPF is a must and is great for protecting against age spots, wrinkles, and sagging.



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