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6 Things I Been Loving This Winter

I can’t believe how fast this year is coming to an end. I feel like the older I’m getting, the faster everything is coming and going. Although we are on the verge of the year ending, let’s not forget to enjoy the holiday and all the snug memories we can make this winter. Six things I’ve been loving this winter are:



Moroccan Mint Tea-
People tend to drink coffee, others, hot chocolate during the winter. As for me, I have to have my tea. I’ve been loving the Moroccan Mint tea by Stash. You can easily find this at your local grocery store. I like to have at least 2 cups a day. It keeps me warm and I like the idea that it’s good for my body. Although, I like my tea bland, it’s not really about taste for me. Its about the aroma. Im quite an aromatic person so I like tea with a soothing scent, and that, for me are things like moroccan mint and peppermint.


Candles- Snowflakes and Spruce
OF COURSE! You guys didnt’t think I would let you forget for a minute that I love candles right? Candles just falls in order as something I like to have and light throughout the winter. I’ve been really enjoying my Bath & Body Works 3-wicked candle scent in Snowflakes and Spruce. You can light a candle while working in the office or lounging around and it’ll definitely set the mood to warm and festive for the winter holidays.

Knee High Boots- JustFab (Thorraa Boots)
Ok, honestly-a life saver. I live in a “twilight zone”. (You guys have seen the movie Twilight right? You know-Forks, Washington? A town of constant rainfall where all the vampires lived?) I’m one of those people that tend to hurridly run out the door with the wrong shoes in the wrong weather to run errands. With a pair of knee high boots, I can easily slip this on and stay warm and dry throughout the entire day. I’ve been saved from soaked socks constantly this winter. Not to mention knee-high boots are always a must have fashion piece for the winter, so I’m glad I found these comfortable JustFab leather boots just in time for winter.


Chunky Knit Sweaters & Scarves-I love chunky knitted sweater and scarves for the winter. Such a fashion staple for the winter season. Its warm, comfy and you can easily dress them up or dress them down to the core of just lounging around the house in them.

I’ve recently rekindled my love for reading so I’ve been busy on my Kindle App trying to find the next best thing to read. So if this artic weather has been keeping you in too often, whip out that kindle app and find a book to your taste and explore! The Kindle app lets you browse popular books and lets you read a sample before making your purchase. That way, you know you bought something for your moneys worth.


Cerve Moisturizing Cream-
I have super dry skin. So you guys might already know how it goes down during the winter. This cold, stripping me dry! Thankfully, I discovered Cerve’s moisturizing cream last summer and is loving it this winter. Its thick but doesn’t feel heavy at all on the skin and absorbs beautifully!


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