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Favorite Winter Candles | Bath & Body Works

Brace yourself- the holidays are upon us, so is this sweater weather. Let me just set the mood real quick; hot tea, candles, dim lights, knit sweaters, lounging, knee high socks, fuzzy socks, christmas tree, white christmas, glistening icicles, blue spruce, books, hot chcoclate. Ok? We’re set right?

As the holiday approaches us, so does my favorite sale of the year. I know, many great sales go on through out the year, but this one in particular excites me and I wait all year for it- Bath & Body Works 3-wicked candle sale! Not only do these candle go for the cheapest Ive seen, $8.50 but its the season with my favorite scent. Why? Oh, because I love that warm holiday feeling. The winter collection just gives off such a warm festive feel. If you know me, you know I love anything therapeutic. I love winding down at the end of the day to a candle burning, dim lights and a book, or browsing my favorite apps and stores online.

One of my ALL-TIME favorite candle scent is Marshmellow Fireside. Smells like marshmellow and wood of course, or so, in my opinion. Ive re-purchased this scent over and over. You bet it’s one I pick up every year during the holiday sale. Some other ones Ive re-purchased is the sparkling icicles which smells amazing! If you’re one of those people who is not into that baking smell, or floral, Sparkling Icicles is more of a perfume scent. A guys perfume, in my opinion. Some people have compared it to smelling like Abercrombie? But Im not too sure. If you know the scent of the store Hollister, then just know this scent kinda falls in that same kind of feel and scent. Ya’ll get the feel right? Geez, scents are so hard to explain.

My second place winner is the Pumpkin Apple candle. Amazing! If Im not feeling like Marshmellow Fireside then Im feeling this one. I recieved this candle from a neighbor as a thank-you/house warming gift when I brought over some eggrolls for them to try. How did my neighbor know I love candles?! Thankfully it was the perfect candle scent and it became one of my favorites. Ive been searching for a similar scent every time I am in Bath and body Works now. A similar scent I found that might fall along the same smell as Pumpkin Apple are Candy Apple and Spiced Apple Toddy.

So, last but not least. I dont know what it is, but the smell of balsam and spruce has been really growing on to me. They just remind me of frosted fir trees and my childhood. I remember as a child playing around at the park all day and there would be pine cone trees everywhere. Maybe thats why I like it. It takes me back to some snug memories and in this cold weather you bet I need anything warm even if they’re just memories. Keeping warm inside out!

Ok, I’ll cut to the chase already, but my favorite scent in this category is the Snowflakes and Spruce candle. Ive been burning it for a few days now and its starting to become a scent I want to add to my favorites. Another one I picked up but have yet to burn is Fresh Balsam.. a popular scent during the winter season.



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