Embarcadero Resort Hotel | Yaquina Bay

So over this past weekend I had the opportunity to spend a mini getaway with some friends and roommates at the Embarcadero Resort Hotel. It was supposely our crabbing trip. We didn’t catch much, but if we did, there was a nice crabbing station with pots where you can boil your crabs before heading back to your hotel. That way, you wont have to messy up your hotel and deal with the smell of cooking it inside.

It was a nice and spacious place we stayed at. The view from our balcony was amazing and quite relaxing. The hotel had everything. It was literally like your own little apartment with full size kitchen, beds, washer, dryer, and flat screen tv. The hotel had an inside pool, with saunas and hot tubs, which we didn’t get to because we were too buzy lounging around and crabbing out at the private dock. I love the wooden stairs that lead down to where you can sit on a bench, relax, and look out at the ocean and view of the beautiful bridge.

Not to mention, this hotels is right down the street from the strip. There are a few things on the strip to see if you have time to explore around the area. There is Ripleys believe it or not and the wax musuem that we had the chance to see. It was pretty interesting!


(The wax museum, Johnny Depp)

This hotel offers a wide range of amenities to their guest. I would definitely stay here again!




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