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On the go make-up must haves

Let’s be real, most days some of us don’t have a lot of time for a full glam look, but a few essential products will definitely help you look awake, ready and glamorous! I think most importantly, we want to make sure our skin look flawless, refreshed, and awake. So, having a beauty balm or color corrector on deck will definitely boost your “look for less” look.  A little bit of under-eye concealer can take you go from no sleep to fully rested! So don’t skip this step. And to make sure you stay glamorous all day, keep a setting powder in your purse. It will come in handy throughout the day if you need to touch up.

We all know that brows frame our faces, so we want to appear well put together! Doing your brows might be a little more time-consuming, especially if you’re using a gel liner product, so keep a favorite brow pencil in your kit. A brow pencil is easier to control than a brow gel, in my opinion, the easiest way to go when you’re on the go with little time to glam up!

Applying a very natural blush color will help add some color to your skin and just give you that nice natural flushed cheeks. With all the cover up and concealing we do, we don’t want to appear too pale and end up looking sickly.

Eyes. They are the windows to our soul… So make them look pretty. ALWAYS have mascara on hand. I think its one of the most important item to helping you look more glamorous for less.

Lastly, don’t forget your lips. Now, we can always go natural or bold for this part. Whatever you decide, just make sure you keep your lips moisturize.


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