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It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream

  • Retails for $38
  • SPF 50+ (UVA/UVB)
  • Full Coverage
  • Anti-aging hydration serum
  • 5 Shades (Fair, Light, Medium, Tan, Rich)

Loved this CC cream from the day I first wore it, But I wanted to give it some time before doing a review to fully experience the full potential of the product. When we hear CC cream, we don’t automatically think that it’ll be full coverage. What comes to my mind is something that’s light coverage, sheer and very natural. Most likely, someone who already have clear and toned skin might appreciate it. That is not the case with this It Cosmetic CC cream. Its been taken to another level. It claims to be your all-in-one multi tasking beauty miracle.

It really is…I just love how radiant my skin looks with this CC cream on, it looked nothing like a dewy finish. It was more like a healthy glow, a satin finish I would say.I was pretty impressed with its full coverage, given that it’s a CC cream. I did do more than one layer on some scars where I needed a little more coverage, and it covered without feeling heavier, so that was nice. It sits very natural on my skin. Most full coverage product tend to feel, heavy and cakey, but this CC cream feels pretty light. It blends very smoothly as well. Now, this CC cream only comes in 5 shades. They are, fair, light, medium, tan, and rich, being the darkest shade. Don’t you worry though! With only 5 shades, as a CC cream, each shade is supposed to be self-adjusting to your skin color. So if you’re a little of one or the other or in between, I’m sure you’ll be able to settle with a shade. Despite all the good stuff packed into this CC cream, I find the smell very interesting. It has a faint minty smell to it and it just gives me the impression of a hydrating balm. The other thing I love about it, is the packaging. It comes in a tube, yet is has a pump. To me, a pump is just the most sanitary way to dispense the product.

Ok, Lets talk SPF. I like my stuff packed with some sun protection. This CC cream has an SPF of 50+. Wow! It protects against UVA and UVB. Thank God! I am pretty prone to developing dark spots fast when I’m out in the sun too long, so I’m really thankful this CC cream not only protects against sun burn but aging and dark spots as well.

If you’re one of those people who likes the idea of CC cream but shy away because most of them don’t offer enough coverage? definitely try the It Cosmetic Your Skin But Better CC cream.


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