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3 Helpful Ways To Staying Positive and Less Stressed

   “Don’t mix bad words with your bad mood. You will have many opportunities to change a mood, but you will never get the opportunity to replace the words you spoke”

“There is nothing outside of yourself that can enable you to get better, stronger, richer, quicker, or smarter. Everything is within. Everything exists. Seek nothing outside of yourself” -Miyamotto Musashi

I’m definitely no perfect person, so its normal to find myself in some negative vibe or phase because I’m only human. We all want in life to just be happy and be able to brush things off and be the bigger person sometimes, but its one of those thing that is easier said than done. Thank Goodness, happiness is a choice though! We often forget how much control we have over our own thoughts. Now, obviously I’m not perfect, that’s how I came to discover simple little ways of how to stay positive and just be happy with where I’m at in life. I think the one thing I always remember to tell myself is to trust in the timing on my life. We get so carried away sometimes comparing our life with others we forget to focus on our own. It’s important to stop comparing where you are at in life to where somebody else is, because you’ll surely find yourself in a race that will never end.

Now this might sound cheesy, but the number one thing I always do when I find myself in a negative situation or state of mind is go onto pinterest and read quotes! Like, who knew how much power a few words put together can have. Its simple, yet so powerful. I think when I’m in a vulnerable state, reading positive quotes is when it speaks to me so much clearer versus another day where it’s just some words put together. I also find it most helpful to create your own board where you can repin all your favorite quotes. You can always go back and read through quotes that really spoke out to you, and let me tell you, my quote board has the most repinned of all my other boards!

The second best thing is to give yourself some space and time alone, and I don’t mean lock yourself in your room depressed and do nothing. Do something you love alone. Like yoga, a sport, read a good book, try something new, work on a hobby, anything! My favorite thing to do is spa night! Pampering my skin while I read up some positive quotes on pinterest, burn some candles and just relax. When the mind is calm, you just see things clearer and make better judgement.

There will be times when doing all of the above is not enough. I think talking to a trusted friend always help! Theres nothing worser than keeping everything bottled up and feeling like you’re about to go crazy! It’s nice to hear the opinion of a friend sometimes. It really helps you see outside of the box and broaden your perspective, and who knows? You might find that you might have been over thinking or find that there is a whole new way to go about dealing with a situation. Simply, sometimes it just makes me feel better to tell some one I trust and get it all out of me. Its like pouring out frustration and negativity, and that’s exactly what we want to do with negativity!


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