Skin Care

Steps to Clearer Skin

         Every once in a while I’ll experience a bad break out and it drives me crazy! Before I had known better I did the usual, washed off my makeup and moisturized. Not until I started noticing my skin taking longer than usual to heal from one pimple. I started scarring more easily and it stayed for a good while until finally fading away. I guess the older I became and the less I did for my skin, it slowly deteriorated and healed slower each time I went through a break out. I started doing my research and opened up to DIY remedies and that’s when I became interested in doing more for my skin. Although all our skin is different and there isn’t one product that might work for us all, there are definitely some crucial steps we can all do for clearer skin along with adding in our favorite products!

1. Always Wash Your Face
Always wash your face before bed time to get rid of any dirt, oil and debris that can clog up your pores and, well, we already know what that does! It causes breakouts and we don’t want nothing to do with that.

2. Use a Toner
Please! This is probably my favorite. Toning helps get rid of any residue left behind, removes sebum, unclog pores and even out your complexion. This helps prep your skin for the next step in your skin care. Always choose an alcohol free toner so that it doesn’t strip your skin completely of your natural oils.

3. Face Mask/Sheet
Another one of my favorite! I can not stress this one enough. I love doing face mask. Im guilty of doing face masks a little more than needed in a week, but always try to do a face mask at least once or twice a week. So many benefits from doing face masks. It can moisturize, clarify, hydrate, lighten, oh so much! Choose a face mask that caters to your preference and need. As for face sheets, I feel like these are a “anytime” kind of step you can do. I love doing face sheets that helps with brightening and hydration. I especially love these for the morning, it just gives me such a fresh and awake feeling. It’s really so therapeutic, its like having yourself a facial spa and quality time to yourself. Now that’s a plus! Nice skin and QT? Yasssssss!

Now, dont think you doing too much already. Exfoliate 1-2 times a week. You don’t want to over exfoliate which can strip your skin completely of natural oils causing your skin to over produce oil and once again, clog up your pores. However, exfoliation deep cleans your pores, cleaning out dirt stuck deep inside that can’t be removed alone by washing your face. Also, exfoliation helps take off that top layer of dead skin cells which can aid in a faster skin cell renewal. So please! Dont forget to exfoliate, this is a crucial step to clearer skin. Ok so I think we get it by now that keeping the pores unclog is key 🙂

4. Moisturizer
OK. Another crucial step. I know some people who are oily might stray away from moisturizing because they think they don’t need it, but trust me, YOU DO. Being oily is just a side effect of, well, oily skin. You just have to choose a moisturizer that is for your skin type. Another reason, of course you wanna keep your skin hydrated. Skipping out on moisturizing will cause your skin to look dull and dry. I know I just stated the obvious of moisturizing, but it’s just the plain truth. Dry, cracked skin will lead to developing wrinkles faster!

5. Drink Lots of Water
This helps your skin to stay hydrated and radiant. It really does! I love to drink a glass of water before bed every night, I wake up with more radiant skin!


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